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This is a land community, similar to the likes of landofart and whedonland but only for movies. Basically, when you sign up you will be sorted into a team, and there will be many challenges for you to participate in weekly. You don't have to participate in everything (but of course you can if you want to!) Some challenges will be graphic related, some writing, some trivia/luck/games. At the end of the phase, whichever team has the most points will be the winner!

We are made up of 4 teams:
Team Action teamact
Team Comedy teamcom
Team Horror teamhorr
Team Romance teamance

Please do not just join the community. You need to sign up first and you will then be sorted into a team.
When signing up you need to be willing to participate at least once every 3 weeks. You may take a hiatus of a month at most, if needed. Please just let me know here.
At the end of the phase, whichever team has the most points wins.

The 2nd Phase is running from March 21st, 2012 until June 21st, 2012! You can still signup anytime throughout a phase, however!

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