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Rules & FAQ

Please be considerate to other members, and moderators. I do not accept any kind of personal attacks, or attacks on fandoms/ships/characters.
Comments like these do not belong in this community. We want this to be a kind, friendly and helpful place to learn and communicate with eachother.

Participate at least once every 3 weeks, or you will be cut from the community. If this happens your points will still count towards your teams
points, and you will still have your points if you rejoin within the same phase. You do not need to participate in everything, just something every 3 weeks.

Failure to follow the rules laid out for challenges will result in a disqualification for the challenge. I will try to comment beforehand and let you
know so that you can correct whatever the problem is.

No spoilers please. If you are posting something from a movie that is still in theatres, please allow for a warning.

Only movies may be used for challenges, and no made for tv movies. (Rule changed as of April 18th 2012 - made for TV movies are now allowed for all challenge entries!)

Anything you create for a challenge here, should be something new, created specifically for the challenge.

What is Film Land?
We are modeled after other land communities, such as landofart and whedonland for example. We currently have 4 teams, and members from each team participate in various challenges. Whichever team has the most points
at the end of each phase wins! Each phase will usually last 3-4 months.

What fandoms are accepted?
Any and all movies. No tv shows.

How often are new challenges posted?
It depends. I try to have something opened at all times so that everyone can participate - whether you are an icon maker, wallpaper maker or write fanfiction.

Do I have to be able to make graphics/write to join?
Not at all! We also have puzzle, trivia, luck, and game challenges. Not to mention you get points for voting on some of our graphic challenges as well!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment here. All comments are screened.
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